Elden Ring players team up as 'let us duo her' to spin kick its most infamous boss so fast she can't move

 Elden Ring Malenia.
Credit: Tyler C. / FromSoftware

Poor Malenia, Blade of Miquella, Elden Ring's training dummy for testing some of the most ridiculous builds. If she isn't getting bullied by a naked man wearing only a jar, she's getting flies thrown at her until she can't take it anymore and gives up her Great Rune. Now, thanks to two players who realized Shadow of the Erdtree's new hand-to-hand weapon type won't even let her retaliate, her status as the hardest bosses in the game has been called into question.

Reddit user oRezyn posted video proof that Shadow of the Erdtree's new spin kick ash of war, Dryleaf Whirlwind, can completely trivialize the duel against Malenia, provided you have a buddy with the same loadout. In the video, oRezyn and another player, known together as 'Let us duo her', take turns kicking Malenia—which interrupts literally anything she tries to do—for a solid minute without taking a single hit.

"Imagine being one of the strongest demigods and getting stunlocked into infinity by two naked dudes," Vagabond_Charizard wrote in the comments.

oRezyn says the build they're using isn't even a build at all: It just requires Dane's Footwork and the Dryleaf Whirlwind Ash of War (with bleed) from the DLC. "With how we found this fight to go, we did not need to put on any specific talismans," they wrote. The only thing stopping you from becoming kick gods is that you have to reach the final area in Shadow of the Erdtree to get the right weapon and know someone else who has done the same.

Or you can hope Let us duo her show up in your game to summon as allies for the boss fight. oRezyn and their buddy helped several players fight Malenia during a stream over the weekend and maybe they'll do more assists. If you see two summon signs named Let us duo her, you know what to do. Just don't try to help because oRezyn says other people attacking her can mess up the infinite stun lock and cause Malenia to flee. "Then we just scream and run away."

Elden Ring's original folk hero Let Me Solo Her has moved on from Malenia to help people with the expansion's brutal final boss—a fight that took the legendary player a full three hours to beat. But who better to pick up the torch than two dudes who can kick real good?