11 climbers killed and '22 missing' after volcano Mount Marapi erupts in Indonesia

At least 11 climbers have been killed and 22 are believed to be missing after a volcano erupted in Indonesia.

A rescue official said the bodies were recovered on Mount Marapi on Monday - a day after it started spewing smoke and ash.

About 75 people were heading up the 2,891m (9,485 ft) volcano at the time of the eruption, said search spokesperson Jodi Haryawan.

Many of those evacuated on Monday were being treated for burns, but a smaller eruption caused the search to be temporarily suspended.

It happened in Indonesia's West Sumatra province and video showed thick columns of ash reaching up to 3km high, blanketing nearby roads and villages.

"The evacuation process of the bodies and survivors is still ongoing," said Abdul Malik, head of West Sumatra's search and rescue agency.

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He said the search continued for another 22 people reported to be missing.

Mount Marapi is one of the region's most active volcanoes and also erupted between January and February.

Its most deadly eruption was in April 1979, when 60 people were killed.