Elizabeth Olsen says she tells actors joining the MCU to avoid signing multiple movie deals: 'Just give them one'

  • Elizabeth Olsen has advice for actors who want to join the MCU.

  • "I say, just give them one," she said on the "Happy Sad Confused" podcast.

  • Olsen believes signing on for just one movie instead of multiple is the way to go.

Elizabeth Olsen admits she tries to look out for actors when they ask her for advice on joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"I say, just give them one [movie]," said Olsen — who has played Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch, in the MCU since 2015's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" — while on the "Happy Sad Confused" podcast.

"I think that way you have more control," she continued (at the 29:25 mark). "If you, let's say, you're like 'Oh my God, this is the most fun I've ever had and I love this character so much, I want to do it again,' you now have more creative control for the next one."

Typically actors, like Olsen, who sign onto franchises agree to deals in which they are attached to multiple movies. Olsen's point is that if an actor can sign on for just one movie there's leverage to get a better-paying contract if the producers want that actor to return.

doctor strange in the multiverse of madness
Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch in "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness."Marvel Studios

Olsen has been honest over the years about the blessing and curse that comes with being locked into a franchise for years.

In 2022, she expressed distress over losing roles because of being contractually obligated to Marvel projects.

"It took me away from the physical ability to do certain jobs that I thought were more aligned with the things I enjoyed as an audience member," Olsen told The New York Times. "And this is me being the most honest."

One of the roles Olsen said she really wanted was in Yorgos Lanthimos' acclaimed Oscar-nominated 2015 movie "The Lobster."

But due to her Marvel contract, she had to pass.

"I started to feel frustrated," Olsen said about having to give up on roles she really wanted. "I had this job security but I was losing these pieces that I felt were more part of my being. And the further I got away from that, the less I became considered for it."

Most recently she's been able to branch out to other roles. Olsen is currently starring in the Max miniseries "Love & Death."


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