Ellie Taylor: My work gets shared by Madonna and Jennifer Aniston, then I go home to empty the bins

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Actor and stand up comedian Ellie Taylor has spoken about going from having Madonna and Jennifer Aniston share her work online to going home, emptying bins and cleaning bathrooms, saying it is an 'odd dichotomy'.

The Ted Lasso star, who went viral after Madonna shared a clip of her on sketch show the Mash Report, spoke to Kate Thornton on White Wine Question Time.

Talking about the viral clip, which has been viewed by more than 120million people, Taylor said she could see why people had identified with the sentiment of women telling everyone to just f*ck off.

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She said: "It just seems to resonate. It went out a few years ago around the time of International Women's Day. So it was perfectly timed. It flares up every so often, and someone else will repost it. It had done quite well, then Madonna reposted it and then Jennifer Aniston most recently, so I love it.

"Some people are like: 'So Madonna and Jennifer Aniston are a fan of yours?' I'm like: 'They posted a video. They've no idea who I am. But okay, let's say that. Yeah, they're fans of me. We'll go with that, sure!'

Watch the clip that made Ellie go viral

"I think quite often with with anything like that, you're in showbizzy situations and you come back home. Just the other day I had come back from quite an exciting shoot. And I came back and within 30 seconds, I'm sorting out washing and doing the bins and you're like: 'Do my family not know who I am?! Guys, I'm not a binwoman, I'm a media sensation!'

Ellie Taylor arriving for the 2014 National Television Awards at the O2 Arena, London.   (Photo by Yui Mok/PA Images via Getty Images)
Ellie Taylor arriving for the 2014 National Television Awards at the O2 Arena, London. (Photo by Yui Mok/PA Images via Getty Images)

"And you immediately get grounded, don't you? It feels quite odd that you can live both lives, that Madonna put something up on you and then also, you're the lady who has to clean the bathrooms. It's a bit odd. It's a really odd dichotomy to get your head around.

"People now are like: 'Oh my god, you're in Ted Lasso.' And I'm like: 'Oh, yeah, I'm in that show, but I feel so far removed from the idea of 20 Emmy nominations as I sit in my tracksuit, in the suburbs, knowing that I'm gonna have an omelette for lunch with some leftovers from last night's dinner! It's hard to process."

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She and Thornton discussed the many knocks that come with the acting profession, and Taylor admitted that even going along for the Ted Lasso audition she assumed it would be another 'no'. She spoke about the need to be able to do multiple jobs as part of the 'slash' generation.

She said: "I suppose the lucky thing for me is that that's not all I do. Although I've always seen myself as an actress before anything else, professionally, I was a stand up before I did any professional acting.

"I think the wonderful thing about stand up is that you can make your own work. And that's how I started doing it. I wanted to be an actress, I didn't really know how you started that. How do you just go from a job in marketing to being an actress?

Jason Sudeikis, Ellie Taylor and Hannah Waddingham in Ted Lasso (Apple TV+)
Jason Sudeikis, Ellie Taylor and Hannah Waddingham in Ted Lasso (Apple TV+)

"So with stand up, I was able to put my name down on open mic nights. And I'm in charge of when I'm on stage, and it felt there were definitely things I could do myself. I was in charge of it. That's the great thing now about being an actor and a stand up and a writer and a presenter. As you know, these days, everyone's a 'slash'! Aren't you do 'slash' everything. And you've got to diversify."

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She also spoke about how the pandemic affected her work schedule and that of her partner, Australian CNN news reporter Phil Black.

She said: "Covid hit and it was hard to do [Black's job] from home. He was working full time. And I had to put all my stuff on hold and just look after our child, because obviously nurseries were shut. So that was a tricky old balance to gain when I still wanted to work.

"I still wanted to write, I still wanted to create, I hate that word! It sounds so tw*tty, doesn't it? I'm a creator, I naturally in my heart, I'm a creator! I'm just too British and cringey, you know, an American wouldn't give a sh*t. They'd revel in that!

"But to be able to still find time to write and get time to myself was really hard in the pandemic. But then I did get to spend some time with my daughter, which is quite nice. Overall, I wouldn't want to do it again. But we survived."

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