Ellie Warner melts hearts with unseen photo of boyfriend Nat cradling baby son Ezra

ellie warner and boyfriend selfie in paris

Gogglebox starEllie Warnersparked a sweet fan reaction on Monday when she shared a series of previously unseen photos of her baby son Ezra.

Taking to Instagram, the 33-year-old uploaded a carousel of snapshots to mark one year since the family welcomed a new pet cat into their home. Amongst the images, Ellie included a fleet of pictures featuring little Ezra, whom she shares with her boyfriend Nat Eddleston.

baby boy using walker in kitchen
Ellie shared a plethora of unseen baby photos (Instagram)

One sweet image showed the tiny tot exploring the family kitchen in a baby walker, whilst in a separate photo, Ezra could be seen dressed in a Santa hat attempting to bond with his new feline friend.

baby boy at christmas wearing santa hat
Ezra looked so sweet wearing a tiny Santa hat (Instagram)

Elsewhere, Nat was pictured outside in the sunshine cradling his baby son whilst simultaneously stroking their beloved pet cat. The star, who welcomed Ezra with Ellie back in June last year, looked every inch the doting dad as he sweetly tended to his baby boy who looked precious swaddled in a technicolour blanket.

father cradling baby boy
Nat and Ellie welcomed Ezra in June 2023 (Instagram)

In the caption, Ellie penned: "One whole year since this little dude rocked up and he’s just slotted straight in! He turned up one night covered in fleas and tics, unneutered, no microchip and nobody came forward for him so we took him in!"

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She continued: "He must have known that my heart was longing for a cat and found his way to me as a kid I always used to wish I'd find a cat, so he really is a dream come true."

Ellie and Nat welcomed their bundle of joy in 2023. Sharing their joyous baby news with the world, Ellie opted to post a heart-melting image of her newborn asleep beneath a cosy blanket.

"Sweet baby Ezra [heart emoji] he has made our lives complete [smiley emoji with hearts] we love you so much son," she gushed in her caption at the time.

While the loved-up couple have had plenty to celebrate over the past couple of years, 2022 proved to be a challenging year for the pair in light of Nat's life-threatening injuries.

nat and ellie selfie outside
The couple have been going from strength to strength (Instagram)

Back in March that year, Nat was left in a critical condition after he was struck by a car in Halton, Cheshire.

At the time, West Yorkshire Police confirmed the incident involved a white Seat Leon, and stated it was "a serious road traffic collision" with a pedestrian suffering "serious injuries" which included a broken neck and two collapsed lungs.

Thankfully, he has since made a miraculous recovery and appears to be relishing his parenting journey alongside Ellie. While wedding bells don't appear to be on the horizon, in May 2022 Ellie spoke to Nat about having a shotgun wedding and joked about getting pregnant just months before announcing the happy news.

nat eddleston holding baby
Nat appears to be relishing his role as a father (Instagram)

"I said to Nat this morning, when we get married what type of wedding do you want? And he went: 'A shotgun wedding!'" Ellie told her sister.

"So I said, 'Ooh, does that mean you want me to be pregnant before we get married?' and he said, 'No'. I actually want to know what he thought a shotgun wedding was." She then called Nat to clarify, and he replied he thought it meant the groom was "forced to get married."