Elon Musk Knocks MacKenzie Scott, Blames 'Super-Rich Ex-Wives' For Downfall Of Civilization

Elon Musk was giving off bitter divorcé energy while going after Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife, MacKenzie Scott, in a now-deleted tweet.

In a Wednesday post, Tesla CEO Musk seemed unreasonably invested in how Scott has been spending the billions she was awarded in her 2019 divorce from Amazon founder Bezos.

Responding to an X user whining about Scott donating to organizations that focus on “issues of race and/or gender,” Musk declared, “Super rich ex-wives who hate their former spouse” should “be listed among ‘Reasons that Western Civilization died.’”

Elon Musk attacked MacKenzie Scott in a now-deleted tweet on Wednesday.
Elon Musk attacked MacKenzie Scott in a now-deleted tweet on Wednesday. Getty/Ap

By Thursday morning, the thrice-divorced father of eleven’s post had been removed, but was still available to be seen via the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

This wasn’t the first time Musk appears to have projected his anxieties onto Scott.

In a 2022 tweet explaining why he planned to vote Republican, Musk accused Democrats of being cold to his businesses due to the influence of “Mackenzie’s donation to PACs posing as charities.”

Suggesting her philanthropy was motivated by spite in another post, Musk said, “It’s safe to say that Mackenzie [ahem] Scott is not exactly a big fan of her ex-husband.”

Painting himself as collateral damage, he added, “Unfortunately, a lot of others are getting caught in the crossfire.”

Last December, Scott announced she had donated a total of $2.1 billion across 360 organizations during 2023.

The list of organizations reveals a wide range of missions and includes groups that focus on early learning, access to affordable housing, race and gender equity, health equity, civic and social engagement and more.