Elton John Pays £30,000 For His Estranged Mother’s Hip Operation

It has been reported that Sir Elton John paid out a huge £30,000 in order for his estranged mother, Sheila Dwight, to undergo a hip operation.

Elton and Sheila famously fell out eight years ago when Sheila refused to cut her son’s ex-manager and ex-assistant out of her life, also blaming Elton’s husband, David Furnish, for turning the singer against her.

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However, sources have revealed that “reconciliation is in progress”, with it being reported that David encouraged Elton to pick up the bill for his mother’s one-week stay at London’s private Wellington hospital where she underwent a double hip replacement.

The source explained to the Daily Mail: “David believes that paying for the surgery is in itself an important gesture. David is happily telling friends that they are all back in touch.

“Elton has been in touch at least twice since her 90th birthday in July. There is a reconciliation in progress.”

Despite David being the one to initiate the reunion, it is thought that Sheila isn’t interested in seeing her son while he is with his husband.

She is quoted as saying: “It is good of him to pay and I do appreciate it. I would love it [a reconciliation] to happen - I am his mother.

“But I don’t see it happening, at least not while Mr Furnish is around.”


Elton used to employ his mother as a housekeeper but she quit in 2008 when Elton demanded that she cut Bob Halley and John Reid out of her life.When Sheila refused, Elton vowed to never speak to her again.