Emily Blunt explains why her fame is ‘not exciting’ for her and John Krasinski’s children

Emily Blunt explains why her fame is ‘not exciting’ for her and John Krasinski’s children

Emily Blunt has explained why her children don’t really think that it’s “exciting” to have a famous mother.

During a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the 40-year-old actor shared her candid thoughts about her life in the spotlight while raising two daughters – Hazel, nine, and Violet, seven – with husband John Krasinski.

She noted that, as she has looked back on her career thus far, she doesn’t like to think about her celebrity status. “When I see myself up on a billboard, I have this complete dissociation with it...I’m like, who’s that?” Blunt said. “And I can see my children doing the same.”

The Edge of Tomorrow star went on to explain why her daughters aren’t too impressed by their mother’s fame.

“They might say, ‘Oh, there’s Mama,’ but it’s not exciting for them,” she said. “What’s exciting for them is when I can pick them up from school and take them swimming.”

Blunt proceeded to open up about her family and how spending time with her daughters is a huge priority. She also noted that she tries not to be away from them for too long while working.

“Because even though they’re hardy, and they’re used to this strange life, it’s still rough on them when I have to go away,” she continued.

The actor then pointed out that there are certain points in her children’s daily routine that she doesn’t want to miss out on.

“There are cornerstones of the girls’ day that I don’t want to compromise on – like, will you wake me up, take me to school, pick me up and put me to bed?” she said. “And I just want to be able to say, yes, yes, yes. It’s such an exhale for me to be able to do that.”

Over the years, Blunt has shared her children’s thoughts about her career. During an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan in 2021, the Quiet Place star said that while her daughters haven’t been interested in watching her movies in the past, there’s one film she’s done that they really enjoyed: Jungle Cruise.

“They are usually disinterested in seeing me on screen, but they’re really into Jungle Cruise,” she said. “They love the jaguar. They love DJ [Dwayne Johnson]. They love the dynamic. They love the whole world.”

Meanwhile, John Kraskinski – who’s been married to Blunt since 2010 – has also said that their children ended up loving one of his movies: DC League of Super-Pets.

“They were laughing very, very hard,” Krasinski explained during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in July 2022. “I think up until now they didn’t actually believe I was in the business, because they’ve never seen anything I’ve done.”