Emily Blunt Joins Ryan Gosling In ‘SNL’ Monologue To Break Up With ‘Barbie’s Ken & ‘Oppenheimer’s Kitty

Ryan Gosling attempted to break up with Ken during the Saturday Night Live monologue, but the “Kenergy” was too strong.

“I’m here because of my new movie, The Fall Guy with Emily Blunt,” Gosling said at the beginning of his monologue. “So don’t worry, I’m not going to make any jokes about Ken because it’s not funny. Ken and I, we had to break up. We went too deep, and it’s over.”

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Although Gosling didn’t want to talk about Ken, he couldn’t resist saying, “I have to. When you play a character that long, that hard… just letting go feels like a breakup.”

The actor noted that the best way to process a breakup is to sing a Taylor Swift song, choosing “All Too Well” to express his feelings. Gosling sat at the piano and reminisced about his moments with Ken. He would soon bust out the mink coat, but his Fall Guy co-star Emily Blunt crashed the monologue to remind him he had to promote their latest film.

“We had a whole Fall Guy monologue planned with a bunch of stunts. It was going to be epic. I was going to hit you with things, and instead, you’re singing about Ken again,” Blunt said.

Blunt asked Gosling to take the coat off as he was “embarrassing” himself, but that didn’t stop the actor from continuing his song as a bunch of Barbies made their way to the stage. Blunt would return and crack a bottle on Gosling’s head to try and stop him.

Gosling reminded Blunt about her Oppenheimer character and asked her if she ever missed Kitty. Blunt would get the itch to sing goodbye to Kitty and joined Gosling in song.

Watch the monologue in the video above.

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