American model Emily Ratajkowski jokes she likes 'ugly men' as part of TikTok trend

Watch: Emily Ratajkowski makes ugly men joke

Emily Ratajkowski has teased that she likes "ugly men" as she took part in a viral TikTok trend.

The 31-year-old model and actor - who split from her husband of three years in July this year - shared her version of the video trend 'He's a 10 but...' in which women mock men who believe they are highly attractive.

Ratajkowski shared a video of herself in a red bikini captioned: "When he thinks he's a 10 because he pulled you but you like ugly men."

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She can be seen mouthing, "How can I say this in a friendly way..." and rolling her eyes.

Emily Ratajkowski in the TikTok video
Emily Ratajkowski has joked she liked ugly men. (TikTok/Emrata)

But she added the caption: "For legal reasons this is a joke."

Ratajkowski married movie producer Sebastian Bear-McClard in February 2018 and they split in July.

They share a one-year-old son, Sylvester.

The video has been viewed over 5 million times.

Ratajkowski - who starred in Gone Girl with Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike - rose to fame after starring in Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines music video in 2013.

Emily Ratajkowski and her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard at the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. (AP)
Emily Ratajkowski and her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard at the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. (AP)

She has since alleged that Thicke groped her during the video shoot.

She said afterwards: "It didn't feel congruent to what I wanted to believe which is that I was that girl from the video and look what it's brought me, I'm now famous and people know my name, so I didn't talk about that part of the experience because I felt like it was revealing and humiliating."

Feminist and activist Ratajkowski recently published My Body, a book of essays based on her, “experience as a model and someone who has capitalised on their image and also someone who has been maybe a victim of their image."

Emily Ratajkowski in June 2022.
Emily Ratajkowski says she has been a victim of her image. (Getty Images)

She has spoken about how working as a model has taught her “a lot about sexism and misogyny in the world”.

She told GQ magazine: “The idea that a woman who looks a certain way or presents herself a certain way can’t talk about politics or read books? Ridiculous.

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“I remember in an interview I gave years ago, I had mentioned I liked reading and in the piece the journalist explained how he went home and his girlfriend said to him, ‘Do you think she’s really read all those books?’ I mean, that’s sexist!”