Eminem Related To 9th Century Welsh King Rhodri The Great

The Rhyl Slim Shady has been unearthed.

It turns out Eminem is descended from 9th Century Welsh king Rhodri the Great.

Genealogists have traced the Slim Shady singer’s lineage back 32 generations to the leader, famed for defending his land from invading Vikings.

Rhodri was the first ruler of Wales to be given the epithet ‘Mawr’ – meaning The Great, though he was thought to have been killed in a Saxon invasion of 878.

Forty-three-year-old Eminem, above and below, has also conquered the world as he’s now one of the planet’s richest entertainers with an estimated £150million worth.

The link between rapper and Rhodri was revealed by family history site Geni.

It shows Missouri-born Eminem is also related to other famous historical families including 16th Century Welsh MP Richard Herbert.

Welsh family tree expert Wynford Jones told The Sun newspaper: “Once you make a connection with a strong lineage then you can easily track back generations. These prominent people would have recorded their descent.

“There’s a lot of illegitimacy. So even though you are actually related on paper it may not mean you are biologically related.”