Eminem’s Sister-In-Law Dies From A Drug Overdose

Eminem’s sister-in-law, Dawn Scott, has reportedly died following a drug overdose on Tuesday.

Dawn is said to have been found in the Motor City Trailer Park in Detroit, with it being claimed that she passed away of “an apparent heroin overdose, pending a toxicology test.”

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The controversial rapper is no doubt rocked by the news, with Dawn being the twin sister of his ex-wife, Kim Mathers, as well as the mother of Alaina - who Eminem adopted and raised alongside his own daughter, Hailie-Jade, and his other adopted daughter, Whitney.

After running away from home at the age of fifteen, Dawn and Kim moved in with Eminem and his mother, with Em marrying Kim for the first time in 1999, divorcing in 2001, and then remarrying again in 2006 for just four months.

Eminem had documented his whirlwind relationship with Kim in many of his famous songs.

Last year Dawn admitted that she was fighting a bad drug addiction, telling RadarOnline that Eminem and her sister were not helping her at all.

She reportedly said: “I have a millionaire brother-in-law and a sister with money up the ass.”

Her boyfriend at the time, Les Martin, also claimed: “I’ve been trying like hell to save her life. I’ve had numerous conversations with Kim about trying to get her help and it just wasn’t a conversation she wanted to have.

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“She wanted to let Dawn go. I was so frustrated I was like, ‘Do you have a $10 million insurance policy on her?”

Eminem has not commented on Dawn’s passing.