Emma Bunton confirms that Victoria Beckham will be at the Spice Girls reunion tour

Emma Bunton has confirmed that Victoria Beckham will be present at the Spice Girls’ upcoming tour, despite that fact she won’t be performing with the group.

Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine on Wednesday, Bunton said: She [Beckham] says she’s going to come, but the stadium’s huge. I’m not sure where she’s sitting or if she’ll get down [to us] on time.

“No, she’s not going to be on the show but she’s definitely going to come and see it and we can’t wait for her to see the show. It’s special.”

Emma Bunton says Victoria Beckham will come to watch the Spice Girls during their tour (ITV)
Emma Bunton says Victoria Beckham will come to watch the Spice Girls during their tour (ITV)

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Bunton also revealed that she and her fellow bandmates – Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm, and Geri Halliwell – always knew that Beckham wouldn’t be part of any future reunions.

“We all knew it wouldn’t happen again after the Olympics, the five of us together,” she said. “We feel really strong as a four though.”

Beckham previously admitted that she will feel “left out” when the group goes on tour.

In an interview with The Guardian, she said: “I’m excited to see it. And I’m sure when I’m there and they are on stage, there will be a part of me that feels a bit left out,” she said. “Because even after all this, a part of me will always be a Spice Girl.”

Victoria Beckham (KARIM JAAFAR/AFP/Getty Images)
Victoria Beckham (KARIM JAAFAR/AFP/Getty Images)

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Back in March, Melanie Chisholm explained that Beckham is “too petrified to perform” and that she had lost her love for it.

Speaking to Jay Rayner on the Out to Lunch podcast, Chisholm said: “We’re sad Victoria won’t be joining us, but we are genuinely very supportive. We understand. We knew the Olympics was hard for her. She has moved on, her life has changed.

“She doesn’t have that love of performing. It completely petrifies her. She puts her heart and soul into her business. To step away from that would be difficult.”