Emma Watson: An actress and feminist who fights Beyoncé fans and wins

When she hid books on the underground to encourage commuters to read the works of applauded female authors, Emma Watson was criticised for littering.

And when the celebrity feminist and UN-endorsed star did a photo-shoot for Vanity Fair in which she dared to expose a slither of her perfectly formed breasts, she was slammed for being a hypocrite.


Can the Rebel Belle do anything right?

The 26-year-old ‘Beauty and The Beast’ actress has been forced to defend herself from a backlash of small minded comments made online. She fired back in an interview with the BBC, saying “what do my t*ts have to do with feminism?”.

Emma is a smart woman and what she said is absolutely right. There is a natural bond that binds all women and one that forces them to tear each other down. The latter is known as jealously and it is a poisonous emotion that is the complete opposite to pride.

We should feel pride that one of ours is working hard, doing well, and supporting her own kind.

Emma posed topless in a Burberry cape (Photo: Vanity Fair)
Emma posed topless in a Burberry cape (Photo: Vanity Fair)

Emma is using her social power to educate and give strength to others and while some people are irritated by the moral high ground she stands on, and are quick to think “enough of the preaching now, thanks Ems” that doesn’t make her message less important.

She should be praised for acting on her beliefs and expressing her intelligence rather than being paid to post selfie photos and promote brands that her fans can’t afford to buy on social media.

Let Emma expose her small and beautiful boobs if she wants to. Her detractors are not feminists, they are bullies. It’s unneccessary bullying of someone who is only trying to make the world a safer and better place for women.

What’s more, Beyoncé’s devoted legion of fans should know better. The singer’s ‘Beyhive’ has swarmed around the actress since her photo shoot in a misguided attempt to protect their Queen Bey.

They’re gripe is with an interview she gave to Wonderland magazine in 2014 when she was asked what she thought of Beyoncé’s latest musical offering and accompanying videos.

In it, she said: “I so admire her confidence to put her music out in that way, in amidst all these very sensationalist performances, I was so psyched about that.

“On the one hand she is putting herself in a category of a feminist, this very strong woman – and she had that beautiful speech by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in one of her songs – but then the camera, it felt very male, such a male voyeuristic experience of her and I just wondered if you had thought about that?”

It turns out that Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan is a member of the infamous Beyhive. Or, is he simply jumping on the latest online debate bandwagon that has nothing to do with him to gain headlines?

He also tweeted: “Emma Watson just went topless to sell her movie, having criticised Beyonce for doing same to sell an album. Hypocrisy?”

Not ashamed of her comments and her talent to debate, Emma calmly posted a full transcript of the interview with the comments in question highlighted. And, if you take the time to continue to read further, her interview goes on to say how much she admires Beyoncé for breaking the mould of female pop star and making waves in feminism. She added that she wants to be her “scholar” and talk about her all the time.

To conclude, we love that Emma will talk about grooming her pubic hair (lol) in one sentence and how amazing Beyoncé is in another.

That doesn’t sound like a woman beating another woman with a stick now does it, Piers?