Emma Watson spotted dishing out free books on the Tube

Don’t be alarmed if you spot someone shifty dotting suspect packages around the London Underground – it’s probably just Harry Potter star Emma Watson.


The 26-year-old actress has been causing commuters to do a double take by placing copies of her favourite book all over the tube. What a novel idea!

She was spotted at St John’s Wood and Oxford Circus hiding copies of Mom & Me & Mom as part of the Books on the Underground campaign.

“I’ve been hiding copies of Mom & Me & Mom for Books on the Underground on the tube today!,” she wrote on Facebook. “See if you can find one tomorrow! #OurSharedShelf.”

Emma also filmed herself cheekily placing books along the escalator rail as the majority of commuters rushed by oblivious. Of the ones that did spot her, several took to social media to convey their excitement.


“I JUST SAW EMMA WATSON ON THE TUBE. I REPEAT: HERMIONE GRANGER ON THE TUBE,” said one. Another wrote: “Emma Watson was at Oxford Circus tube station hiding Maya Angelou’s book #MomAndMeAndMom and people were oblivious of her…. #IWantThatBook”

The book is the final part of seven autobiographical novels by American civil rights activist Maya Angelou. It was published shortly before her 85th birthday in 2013. She died the following year.


As well as leaving the books, Emma also left a special note inside for lucky fans. See you over on eBay, kids!