Emmerdale addresses Samson and Noah switch in Amelia story

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale addressed some big changes for warring cousins Samson and Noah Dingle in the show's latest episode.

The teens are currently at the centre of a bribery storyline involving Amelia Spencer and her baby daughter Esther.

Samson, who is Esther's father, has been demanding payouts from Noah in return for staying away from Amelia. Every time Samson wants another bribe, he feigns an interest in Esther to make Noah feel insecure about his place in Amelia's life.

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If we rewind to a year ago, both boys were in very different positions. In the early months of 2022, Noah was a creepy villain who was stalking Chloe Harris, while Samson was always portrayed as reliable and good-natured in comparison.

Emmerdale fans have been surprised at how Samson and Noah have switched places in recent months, with Noah working to turn his life around after a stint in prison, and Samson turning villainous with his selfish and ruthless behaviour.

In a possible cheeky shout-out to the fan discussions, Samson and Noah acknowledged their recent turnarounds during another row in Friday night's episode (March 24).

Noah, who has been in a relationship with Amelia since last year, was annoyed to find Samson babysitting Esther at The Hide. Samson didn't appear to be taking care of his daughter properly, ignoring her cries as he was engrossed in his phone.

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When confronted by Noah over his behaviour, Samson complained: "Look at you fretting like an old Doris, what's happened to you?"

Noah asked: "Why have you even got her if you're not going to look after her?"

Samson replied: "Because I do what I want. And she's my kid. What did they do to you in prison? You've changed, mate. You've gone right soft."

Sticking to his guns, Noah said: "I'm not the one who's changed. You have. You're a nasty piece of work, you. And you're getting nastier by the day."

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So far, Samson has demanded two bribes from Noah after learning that he'd received a large trust fund.

Next week's episodes see Samson push his luck by seeking a third payment, but he may well regret it when his deceit is publicly exposed.

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