Emmerdale airs Caleb twist as he makes mysterious phone call

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has confirmed Caleb is up to no good after he made a mysterious phone call.

A highly-emotional episode on Thursday (February 2) saw Cain finally soften towards his brother after accompanying Charity for a visit to the grave of her abuser, Mark Bails.

Having just discovered that Mark had died, Charity was overcome with fury as she wished he'd have suffered more for the horrible things he'd done in life.

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However, Charity also encouraged Cain to give Caleb a chance after all the years they spent apart. Once Caleb's 'stolen car' was returned to the village, Cain offered to buy his brother a pint.

At the Woolpack, there was a definite thawing between the brothers as Cain acknowledged Caleb had helped him get Kyle out of the youth offender's home.

Cain apologised to Caleb for keeping Faith's death a secret from him and it seemed like the pair could be on track to truly start afresh.

Cain even went so far as to suggest Caleb spend time with Kyle since he himself couldn't, insisting: "I'm saying, I want you to get to know him. If I can't be there, you could."

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While it may have looked like everything was on the up between the Dingles, Chas made it clear to Cain that "Al is still dead" and she still blamed her brother.

"I'm not ready to forgive you and I doubt if I ever will be," Chas insisted.

Cain assured her: "I can wait."

After a kickaround with Kyle, Caleb excused himself to take a mystery phone call where viewers finally found out for sure he's up to no good.

"Looks like we're finally making headway," he told a mystery caller. "We keep reeling them in until we get exactly what we want."

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