Emmerdale airs full details of Gus' plan in baby plot

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has revealed the full details of Gus Malcolm's plot to get himself and Rhona Goskirk out of legal trouble.

Rhona decided earlier this week that she would plead not guilty to kidnapping charges, even though she could lose her vet license and go to prison if she's convicted.

Meanwhile, Gus faced his own legal woes after Rhona revealed to police that he'd stolen her embryos to impregnate his late wife Lucy.

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In Thursday's (February 29) episode, Marlon and Mary promised they'd stand by Rhona even though they disagreed with her decision. Mary even offered to be a witness on her behalf.

April went to see Gus to convince him to intervene on Rhona's behalf, reminding him that Ivy will "lose everyone that loves her" if both of her parental figures end up in prison.

"Take it from me, Ivy is lucky to have a mum in Rhona and if you take that away from her then she will hate you forever," April warned him.

Her words inspired Gus to make a last-ditch effort to save both himself and Rhona from going to prison. He pitched a deal to her that they could both explain to the court that it was all Lucy's idea to steal Rhona's embryos. If they stuck together, they could both get out of trouble.

"There's only one way out of this," Gus insisted.

Gus promised he'd speak to the police to support Rhona's version of events on the record and refuse to say "a word against [her]" in court.

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Rhona was horrified that Gus was ready to pin everything on his dead wife, though she was swayed when he offered to cancel his planned move to France and let her have visitation rights with Ivy.

"I will stay here and we can work out how to co-parent," he vowed.

After discovering that April's intervention changed Gus's mind, Rhona confided in Marlon about her ex-husband's offer to clear them both.

Marlon was irate that Rhona would even consider Gus's offer, but she admitted she'd already made up her mind to agree to her ex's terms. Will Rhona go through with Gus's plot?

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