Emmerdale airs new setback for Mary and Suzy's future

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Mary Goskirk has faced a setback in her romance with Suzy Merton in Emmerdale.

Mary has developed a crush on her friend in recent weeks, though she's stopped short of telling her how she feels now that Suzy's ex-girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield is back in the village.

In Wednesday's (March 6) episode, Suzy was quizzed by Tracy Robinson about spending the night with Vanessa even though she insisted she'd stayed on the sofa alone.

When Vanessa suggested they spend some more time together soon, Suzy seemed to reluctantly agree. Mary was discouraged when an oblivious Vanessa revealed how hopeful she was of a reconciliation with Suzy.

"I don't want to go throwing myself at her if she doesn't feel the same, though she did stay over last night so I suppose that's a good sign," Vanessa said.

mary, suzy, emmerdale

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Mary was hurt to hear that Suzy had spent the night with Vanessa, especially seeing as the former couple had kissed.

"You sound like the perfect match," Mary told Vanessa before rushing out of the cafe.

At the same time, Suzy admitted to Leyla Harding that she was having second thoughts about her night with Vanessa because she has feelings for Mary too.

"Me and Mary would be a leap in the dark," she admitted.

Suzy decided to come clean with Mary about how she felt, but was cut off before she could even get into it.

"I'm fine with it… you and Vanessa want to spend more time together," Mary told her.

mary, suzy, emmerdale

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When Suzy asked if she was okay with Vanessa being "besotted" about the reconciliation, Mary hesitantly replied: "Why wouldn't I be?"

Suzy tried to open up and asked how Mary truly felt about her, only to be told: "I like you. You're a really good friend."

"I guess that's all I needed to know," a disappointed Suzy said.

Mary angrily complained to Kim Tate that this was another example of her falling in love and getting her heart broken. Kim encouraged her friend to fight for what she really wants.

"Kim, my fighting days are over," Mary insisted.

Will Mary ever truly open up to Suzy about how she feels?

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