Emmerdale Belle Dingle star 'challenged like never before' with abuse storyline

Emmerdale actor Eden Taylor-Draper's newest domestic abuse storyline has posed fresh challenges, her co-star shared.

The character Belle Dingle, played by Eden Taylor-Draper, is currently trapped in a manipulative relationship with her husband Tom King (James Chase), a dynamic that arouses suspicion from Charity Dingle in the upcoming episodes of the popular ITV soap.

Emma, who has portrayed Charity Dingle since 2000, expressed her views about the hard-hitting storyline and her experience working alongside Eden.

In an interaction with the press, Emma mentioned: "I love Eden will all my heart so working with her as well, because we do see each other socially, it's great because we've got some good stuff coming up so she's going to come over and stay and we're going to blast the scenes and work on it really hard."

Belle Dingle
Emmerdale actor Eden Taylor-Draper's newest domestic abuse storyline has posed fresh challenges, her co-star shared -Credit:ITV

She further said about their preparations for the episode: "When we come to do this lovely episode, it will have real meaning because we would have worked on it. She's smashing it out of the park as the young ones would say.

"She is truly remarkable and I think she's really found herself and she's really coming into her own and she's doing stuff and being challenged in a way she's ever been before and she's stepping up to the mark and I'm really proud of her as a friend."

Commenting on the intensity of the storyline, Emma revealed: "I have been watching and it's strong stuff. I spend a lot of my time screaming at Tom. It's difficult to watch sometimes I must say. It's a lovely opportunity for Charity to be with Belle."

The coercive storyline involving Belle and Tom has been a central plot in the soap since the couple got hitched on Valentine's Day, with their relationship deteriorating significantly over the past few months, reports the Daily Star.

Producer Laura Shaw expressed her astonishment at the audience's response to the storyline and dropped hints about when Tom might finally be unmasked. Speaking to the press, she said: "We said right from the beginning that we wanted to tell this story as truthfully and authentically as we can and let's face it for people who are subjected to domestic abuse this isn't something that's over in a couple of weeks."

"I think the audience reaction has been phenomenal. Domestic abuse is not new to soap but the reaction has been incredible and the letters and comments we've had from women and men reaching out and we're aware we're giving people a voice to speak out and that's what we want. What we will see is Tom finding different ways to manipulate Belle and to control Belle so we will see an escalation."

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