Emmerdale confirms Amy and Matty's proposal outcome

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale is set to reveal the outcome of Amy Wyatt and Matty Barton's proposal.

Amy has recently been seeking full custody of her son Kyle, though Matty has questioned her intentions and suggested that sole custody may not be the best thing for her son.

Amid the tension, Amy decides to spontaneously propose to Matty, which delights Moira, though she can't help but notice that Matty doesn't seem over the moon, the latter expressing his belief that Amy did it as part of her custody plans.

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Angered, Moira reveals the news to Cain, who is left livid by the revelation and goes to angrily bang on Amy's door.

Following on from the proposal, Emmerdale has now revealed that a few days later, Matty is delighted when Amy assures him the proposal is about her love for him, rather than a plan to get Kyle.

She feels strengthened by his support, so will the couple get their happy ending?

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Amy actress Natalie Ann Jamieson recently spoke about her character's custody plans in an interview with Digital Spy, saying: "I do back Amy because when she's going for sole custody, it's not that she wants Kyle to stop seeing Cain altogether.

"She just wants to flip the current situation. Up until recently, Kyle has been living with Cain and Moira, while Amy had him for the odd night. Now Amy wants Kyle to live under her roof, but Cain and Moira can still see him and take him out.

"I think that's fair. Since Kyle has just shot a man, I think it's worth a bash! I can see why Amy would want this. I'm sure anyone who was in this situation in real life would do a similar thing. So I can definitely back Amy and see that she wants to protect Kyle."

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