Emmerdale confirms exit for beloved couple as Ruby Milligan vows revenge on villager

Ruby and Rose Emmerdale
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Beth Cordingly's character, Ruby Fox-Miligan, has revealed her intentions to leave the village with her on-screen husband Caleb, portrayed by William Ash, in Tuesday's episode of Emmerdale.

The drama unfolded as Kim Tate (Claire King), couldn't resist a jibe at Ruby following the departure of Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope). "Bus stop or train station? " Kim quipped, before delivering a cutting remark: "I'm fervently hoping that you're off to join your son at whatever rock he's crawled back under."

Ruby, not one to take things lying down, retorted sharply: "I was just going to get some flowers for your grave, you mouldy corpse."

Later, viewers saw Ruby confide in Rose Jackson (Christine Tremarco) about their scheme against Kim. Amidst the backdrop of the woods and a river, the pair exchanged banter before Rose expressed sympathy over Ruby's son's departure: "I'm sorry your lads gone."

Ruby acknowledged the sentiment, saying, "Yeah me too" but quickly shifted focus to her future plans: "Anyway me, and Caleb are going away for a bit.", reports the Express.

She elaborated on their decision: "We're going to take stock, reassess, work through all the cliches" confirming the couple's intention to temporarily exit the village.

A curious Rose questioned Ruby's priorities, leading to a candid exchange about family values. "Family comes first, doesn't it? Never thought I'd be saying that" Rose remarked, to which Ruby voiced her own surprise.

Despite the planned hiatus, Ruby made it clear that she had no desire to abandon their plot: "I don't want to stop this thing we're doing. I want to go away knowing it's all coming together."

Ruby concluded with a reminder of the stakes involved, particularly her financial support for Rose: "When Kim gets her comeuppance it will be hilarious," she said, underscoring the importance of their plan's success and Rose's obligation to "get it done."

Ruby's husband Caleb previously attempted to ruin Kim after it was revealed that he was the secret son of Frank Tate (Norman Bowler), Kim's ex. Kim had left Frank to die following a heart attack, leading Caleb to blame her for his death.

Caleb was under the impression that Home Farm and all of Kim's possessions were rightfully his, considering she had taken some of Frank's assets. Although Caleb abandoned his plan some time ago, it appears Ruby is now taking over with Rose's assistance.

Ruby has directed Rose to take advantage of her past romantic relationship with Kim's husband Will Taylor (Dean Andrews). As an infiltrator at Home Farm, Rose seems ideally positioned to seduce her former lover a move that would undoubtedly devastate Kim.

Ruby's scheme to dismantle Kim and leave the village with Caleb follows their son Nick's departure last week.

When Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) grew suspicious of the Milligan family's possible involvement in Ethan's hit-and-run, Caleb chose to accept responsibility for the incident to prevent Ruby from getting into trouble.

As Caleb and Ruby tried to involve Nicky in their latest scheme, he finally lost patience and decided it was time to leave the village with Suni Sharma (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana) due to his parents' deceit.

Whether Ruby and Caleb will actually depart from the Dales remains to be seen by fans.

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV.