Emmerdale confirms identity of mystery newcomer Rose

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has revealed the identity of newcomer Rose in the latest instalment.

Thursday's (April 25) episode featured Will reconnecting with someone very important from his past while visiting the hospital. Viewers saw him briefly excuse himself from a meeting with Kim Tate and Billy Fletcher at Home Farm to take a private phone call.

Later, Dawn came home to find Kim and Lucas painting their faces and asked why Will wasn't taking part. Kim explained that Will was on an errand but Dawn had just seen his truck in the yard.

"Must have got my wires crossed," Kim admitted to Dawn.

Will had actually gone to the hospital where he heard a familiar voice speaking to the nurses. He walked into a nearby hospital room where he saw a woman named Rose with her arm in a sling.

rose in emmerdale

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Rose cheerily explained that she'd fallen down the stairs during a "boozy all-nighter", as an unnerved Will listened. It turns out that Will had been called to the hospital as Rose's next-of-kin but he wanted his contact information to be removed from her file.

"We mean nothing to each other," Will insisted, with Rose cheekily replying: "Same page, babycakes! There's a first, eh?"

The two bickered about being in a relationship years ago, with Rose insisting she "had to leave to live". An angry Will hit out at Rose for "ditching her daughter" — revealing that Rose is Dawn's long-lost mother.

"She's alive, safe, happy, then I'm good," Rose said of Dawn.

Rose admitted to Will that she left because being a young mother "stuck at home" was never meant to be her future. When Will explained Dawn was forced into care during his prison stint, Rose nonchalantly boasted she'd spent a week in a Spanish jail once too.

will taylor in emmerdale

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"Dawn grew up alone and unloved, and all because you didn't care enough to leave a forwarding address," Will declared.

As he turned to leave, Will forced Rose to acknowledge that she wouldn't have come home even if she had known about Dawn's situation.

"I made my choices, Will," she told him.

Back at Home Farm, Kim had questions about where Will had gone but he covered his tracks and revealed nothing about seeing Rose.

With heartbreaking news for Billy and Dawn on the horizon, have we genuinely seen the last of Rose?

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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