Emmerdale confirms prison storyline for Matty

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has confirmed that Matty Barton will be sent to prison next week following Samson Dingle's false allegations.

Matty is held on remand after being formally charged over Samson's stabbing incident at The Hide.

The upsetting development comes after Matty and his family fail to convince Samson to retract his lies about what happened.

Matty's stepdad Cain Dingle tries his best to intervene, demanding that Samson tells the truth about how the stabbing was an accident caused by Josh. Samson refuses to be pressured by him and sticks to his false story that Matty was to blame.

pc swirling and matty barton in emmerdale

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Matty also speaks to Samson, hoping that he can talk him round. He hopes that he's got through to Samson with a kinder approach compared to Cain, but PC Swirling soon arrives with some bad news.

Swirling reveals that Samson has contacted the police, accusing Matty of pressuring him to change his story.

Matty is furious and confronts Samson again, but Swirling witnesses the incident and marches Matty off towards a police car.

pc swirling, matty barton, lydia dingle and samson dingle in emmerdale

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Cain is livid that Samson's dad Sam isn't doing more to stop the unfolding situation and it seems that battle lines are being drawn in the Dingle family.

The next day, Matty sits in a police cell as he waits to appear in court.

Back in the village, Matty's wife Amy finds out that the police have dropped the investigation into Josh and Samson's attempts to rob The Hide. The decision is made due to lack of evidence, but it threatens to undermine the case for Matty's defence.

In court, it's decided that Matty will be held on remand until his trial. A guilty Samson starts to freak out when Cain announces the bad news at The Woolpack.

matty barton, sam dingle, samson dingle, lydia dingle and amy wyatt in emmerdale

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Tension erupts at the pub and Lydia has to pull Sam away from Cain as things get out of hand.

Outside the court, Matty worries that he'll be in danger at the prison. A police officer suggests that he should keep quiet about being trans to avoid becoming a target for the other prisoners.

Amy witnesses Matty being bundled into a police van and fears for her husband's safety. How will Matty cope in jail?

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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