Emmerdale confirms who ran over Ethan as he receives another threat

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has confirmed that Ruby Fox-Miligan was the driver who ran down Ethan Anderson.

The lawyer was left bloodied and clinging to life after being targeted in a hit-and-run attack, as revenge for the car accident that landed Nicky Miligan in the hospital last week.

In Wednesday's (May 22) 10,000th episode of Emmerdale, the action picked up directly in the aftermath of Ethan being run down in this mysterious hit-and-run car crash.

The soap then flashed to a shaky Ruby warning Caleb that she needed "Nicky to be alright" because "nothing else" was important to her.

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As the carnival was getting underway in the village, a wounded Ethan suddenly staggered back into the village but collapsed before he could reach his father Charles and his grandmother Claudette.

Manpreet was able to catch Ethan before he hit the ground, with Charles and Claudette gathering around to check on him.

Asked who'd run him down, Ethan muttered: "Didn't see. Don't know who."

The Dingles were shown looking on from a distance, with Ruby sarcastically hoping that Ethan's injuries were "nothing trivial". Ethan glanced in the direction of the Dingles, making Charles suspicious they were involved.

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Once the family got Ethan back home, he refused to get medical treatment. He was later shown walking into his kitchen, where he found Ruby lurking in the shadows.

Ethan revealed he saw Ruby behind the wheel when he'd been run down, but insisted they were now "square" since he hadn't reported her to the police.

"Nicky's still in a coma and they won't be trying to wake him today so do you really think we're Even Stevens?" Ruby asked.

She then warned: "You better look both ways every time you cross the street because, if Nicky doesn't make it, be assured I will finish the job."

The drama will continue in upcoming episodes as Ethan prepares to face potential prison time for his part in last week's car crash.

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However, he tries to alert Dawn Taylor first when he sees her newly returned mum Rose Jackson having a suspicious conversation with Ruby, only to collapse before he can reveal the full extent of what he's seen.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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