Emmerdale confirms Rhona court drama in baby Ivy story

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Rhona Goskirk faces judgement day next week as she stands trial for kidnapping baby Ivy.

Viewers know that Rhona is facing a hefty prison sentence after she disappeared with baby Ivy in February. The desperate move came as her ex-husband Gus decided to move to France and refused to allow Rhona to co-parent their daughter.

Although Rhona is Ivy's biological mother, she has no legal rights for access to her child.

Ahead of the trial, Marlon Dingle tries to take Rhona's mind off things, but she is filled with dread at the thought of her upcoming day in court.

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As the trial begins, Rhona and Marlon are horrified when Gus takes to the stand and twists the truth to present Rhona as a villain.

Rhona's defence battles back against Gus' accusations and attempts to undermine his 'good character'.

By the time Vanessa Woodfield prepares to give testimony, Rhona is hopeful that the tide is beginning to turn in her favour, but the defence attempts to catch Vanessa out with their line of questioning.

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Meanwhile, back in the village, a debate erupts in The Woolpack over Rhona's behaviour, which derails Paddy Kirk's attempts to distract April from all the drama. However, everyone is left eating their words when April points out that if Rhona's friends can't agree, neither will the jury.

Unfortunately, things in court take a turn for the worse when Rhona takes the stand and is forced to listen to the defence's nasty attacks about her. Unable to bite her tongue, Rhona loses her cool and lays into Gus.

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Later, Rhona is filled with regret and fears that she'll be found guilty due to her outburst, and manipulative Gus can't resist taking joy in Rhona's anxiety.

As the jury deliberates, Rhona awaits news of her future. Will she be found innocent, or is Rhona facing a future behind bars?

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