Emmerdale confirms new target for vengeful Ruby

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Ruby Fox-Miligan risks making yet another new enemy as she falls out with village doctor Manpreet Sharma.

There's trouble ahead for Ruby and Manpreet over the next few days after Caleb Miligan was recently hospitalised.

Wednesday's episode (April 10) saw Caleb collapse in pain in the middle of the village, forcing his estranged family members Nate Robinson and Sam Dingle to step in and rescue him.

When Caleb was rushed to hospital, he was diagnosed with appendicitis. However, potential trouble loomed for Manpreet as she'd previously turned Caleb away from the new doctors surgery because she was too busy to see him.

caleb miligan, nate robinson, emmerdale

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Needing someone to blame, chaotic Ruby starts pointing fingers in Manpreet's direction over the next few days.

Next week, Manpreet tries to take the bull by the horns by visiting Ruby to discuss the situation.

Manpreet confronts Ruby face-to-face, but the conversation doesn't go well and the local GP is left worrying that she has made things worse.

ruby miligan, manpreet sharma, emmerdale
ruby miligan, manpreet sharma, emmerdale

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Earlier this week, Ruby made an effort to befriend the Dingle family by purchasing air fryers for them all.

Her efforts ended in chaos when Cain destroyed the air fryers with a sledge hammer. Ruby's second plan to arrange a family gathering at The Woolpack also ended in further tensions.

Prior to this, Ruby had tried to keep Caleb's family at arm's length – and she still seems to be paying the price for her earlier hostile approach.

Beth Cordingly, who plays Ruby, recently addressed the problems by telling Digital Spy: "The only way I can justify her behaviour is that she's terrified of losing Caleb so she sees his family as a threat.

caleb miligan, nicky miligan, ruby fox miligan, emmerdale

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"But instead of being clever about it and befriending them she keeps insulting them and kicking out against them, which is obviously not going to help – definitely not with the Dingles, and not with Caleb either because he can't understand why she can't get on board.

"It's a very childish way of approaching stuff, but the only way I can justify it is she didn't learn that sophistication, she's kind of stuck in that teenage thinking of having a family turn their back on her and she's kind of stuck. She's never learned about the art of diplomacy."

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