Emmerdale cuts Phillip Schofield from classic episode on ITV3

Emmerdale has cut former This Morning host Phillip Schofield from a classic episode on ITV3.

Fans of the soap were first to notice Schofield's absence from a special episode which was shown again on ITV3 last week.

The presenter appeared as a guest star back in 2005 where he and This Morning co-host Fern Britton interviewed Richard Thorp's character Alan Turner.

However, when the episode was shown last week, viewers noted that the re-run had been edited to exclude most of Schofield's scenes, following last year's scandal which saw him quit This Morning after 21 years.

phillip schofield, fern britton and richard thorp as alan turner, emmerdale 2005

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The classic episode sees Schofield and Britton make cameo appearances as themselves to interview Turner regarding the disappearance of his partner Shelley Williams.

In the edited episode, only Schofield's arm is visible in the interview scenes and the presenter's face is covered by a TV screen.

Fans took to Twitter/X to share their thoughts, with one fan writing: "Erm did Phillip Schofield just get cut out of #ClassicEmmerdale? Their 2005 guest appearance just aired on ITV3 and all of the shots were close up on Fern and yet there’s this image? Anyone have the original episode in their collection to compare?"

phillip schofield hosts this morning
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"I wondered how they'd get round having #philipschofield on. But I'm really impressed with the clever editing. Notice how they cut to the break after Fern asked the first question though. Schofield must have spoken after & they decided best not to show it at all #classicemmerdale," posted another.

Digital Spy has reached out to ITV for comment.

This comes after Sky reported that Schofield had paid a six-figure sum to a young male colleague as part of a non-disclosure agreement. Schofield reportedly paid the sum to the colleague he had been having an affair with.

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