Emmerdale - every Christmas 2023 spoiler announced so far

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has been teasing its Christmas storylines for a few weeks now, but with the slow drip-feed of information, it's easy to miss a spoiler or two.

Fans can expect a dramatic episode on Christmas Day, providing a contrast to the cosier Yuletide storylines that we've seen on the show in recent years.

So, what's ahead in this year's festive specials? Here's our one-stop guide to everything that the show has announced so far.

A darker Christmas

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Emmerdale tends not to save its major storyline peaks for Christmas Day – that's what Super Soap Week is for, after all – so the past couple of years has seen plenty of joy and celebration in the festive episodes.

In a recent Emmerdale press event, show producer Laura Shaw confirmed that the soap will take a different approach this year.

Shaw commented: "Heading up to Christmas, we've got some exciting plans but I have absolutely, definitely been sworn to secrecy on this one!

"What I can tell you is that, in the last couple of years, we've done a light, fluffier Christmas for Emmerdale, but this one is quite different in tone.

"A lot of it is edgier for us for Christmas. I can tell you that definitely not every one of our villagers will be sat down eating their turkey with all the trimmings on Christmas Day."

Charity, Mack and Chloe take centre stage - as Chloe's dad arrives

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Emmerdale's love triangle twists just keep on coming in the fallout from the recent Super Soap Week crash, Mack dumping Chloe, and Chloe fleeing from the village in a revenge plan.

Show bosses have confirmed that the Charity/Mack/Chloe dramas will still be playing out at Christmas.

Producer Laura Shaw told Inside Soap: "There's more to come for Charity, Mack and Chloe. The repercussions from Super Soap Week will play through Christmas and into New Year."

Speaking more recently, Shaw confirmed that this will involve Chloe's mysterious dad making an appearance.

Shaw said: "The Charity/Mackenzie/Chloe love triangle has been bubbling away for 18 months or so now. At Christmas, we'll see that reach a bit more of a crescendo, where Mackenzie pushes Chloe to her absolute limit.

"What we'll see is Chloe reach out to her father for help. Obviously we know from previous stories that Chloe's dad is not someone to be messed about with – he's quite a dark character.

"We know that he was quite controlling with Chloe and that people are afraid of him. So obviously, when she reaches out to him, what we will see is him helping Chloe in his own unique way."

Dawn and Billy's baby joy

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Back in July, Dawn and Billy discovered that they're expecting a baby together.

The couple later learned that Dawn was further along with her pregnancy than originally thought. A scan at the hospital revealed that Dawn was 16 weeks pregnant at the time and that their new arrival would make an appearance in time for Christmas.

Speaking at a recent press event, producer Laura Shaw laughed: "We all love a soap baby!

"We know that Dawn and Billy are pregnant and excitedly waiting for their baby, which is conveniently due around Christmas, as soap babies always are! It's always either Christmas or Super Soap Week."

A festive proposal – with special guests

jayne torvill and christopher dean with the emmerdale cast

Emmerdale filmed some special Christmas scenes on location in November, featuring VIP guests Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean.

Show bosses confirmed that the ice dancing legends would be appearing as themselves in one of the festive episodes, helping "a well-loved Emmerdale character" with a marriage proposal.

Christopher Dean commented: "It is amazing being here. We have jumped from watching Emmerdale on TV to being in a scene. From the screen to the scene. I'm loving it."

Jayne Torvill added: "I can't wait to watch the episode that we are going to be in. It will be surreal sitting at home watching it."

Initially, no information was revealed over which Emmerdale character will be popping the question, but a picture from the day showed that Dominic Brunt (Paddy Dingle), Eden Taylor-Draper (Belle Dingle), James Chase (Tom King), Mark Charnock (Marlon Dingle), Roxy Shahidi (Leyla Cavanagh) and Joe-Warren Plant (Jacob Gallagher) were all on location when the scenes were filmed.

A subsequent spoiler confirmed a proposal and wedding for Belle and Tom, which seemed to solve the mystery.

Caleb and Tracy caught out

tracy robinson and caleb in emmerdale

Caleb and Tracy continue their secret fling at Christmas, but they take a risk too far when someone catches them together.

Emmerdale's producer Laura Shaw teased: "We've started Tracy and Caleb's dangerous affair. We'll see a bit more of that in the run-up to Christmas.

"What we'll see is the most awkward Christmas dinner ever, where those lot are all sat round the table at the Dingles' together.

"Somebody on Christmas Day is going to find out their dark secret and threaten to blow that."

A happy Christmas for Paddy

paddy kirk and mandy dingle in emmerdale

Paddy was at rock bottom in last year's Christmas episodes, facing bitter tensions with Chas after their marriage break-up.

The village vet can expect a happier festive season now that he has reunited with his ex-wife Mandy.

Producer Laura Shaw recently told Inside Soap: "We want to see [Paddy] settle down again now, try to be happy again and move on.

"Christmas is coming up, and how is that going to work with this blended family that we have with Paddy, Mandy and their kids Vinny and Eve? We'll see some happiness for them."

Unexpected guests for Rhona

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Rhona's life has changed forever following her discovery about her ex-husband Gus fraudulently using their frozen embryos to start a family with his new wife Lucy, who has since died.

Speaking about where the story goes in the longer-term, Zoe Henry – who plays Rhona – recently told us: "[Rhona and Marlon have] got a very busy Christmas coming up with a few unexpected guests. I'm sure that's not too cryptic!

"I think there's a long road ahead. Nothing is straightforward or linear. It should make for great viewing, I really think so."

In a subsequent press event, Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw elaborated further: "We've seen Rhona having a really tricky time recently – we've recently seen on screen [that] Lucy died just after the birth of baby Ivy. What we'll see going forward is Gus starting to struggle a little bit with his grief and being a single parent to little Ivy.

"That's going to hugely impact Rhona and Marlon's Christmas – how is Marlon going to cope if Rhona wants to reach out and help baby Ivy? Will Gus let Rhona help with Ivy? And what are the repercussions going to be on Leo and April? We'll see all that over Christmas.

A big mix of characters

ash palmisciano at the inside soap awards 2023
Gareth Cattermole - Getty Images

Ash Palmisciano, who plays Matty Barton, spoke exclusively to Digital Spy about Emmerdale's Christmas episodes during a red carpet chat at the Inside Soap Awards in September.

Ash told us: "We're just starting the December episodes, we're filming them today.

"I think what's really cool is it involves, this year, a lot of the cast at Christmas."

He added: "I don't want to sound boring, I don't want to give it away and spoil it for everyone! But there's going to be a lot going on with some major characters.

"The favourites that our fans love are going to be very busy at Christmas."

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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