Emmerdale fans' heartbroken as 'dark' storyline unfolds

Billy, Dawn and Evan
Billy, Dawn and Evan -Credit:Emmerdale

Fans of Emmerdale are upset over the latest plotline involving Dawn and Billy's baby Evan.

In the latest storyline, Dawn and Billy spotted a bruise on baby Evan's leg and decided to rush him to hospital. However, when they got there, they were told the hospital had to run further tests, as it could be a symptom of leukaemia.

Both Dawn and Billy, as well as the rest of the family, were left in shock as they waited in the hospital for a bone marrow biopsy. Even Kim was shocked as she gave Billy a hug when he returned home to pick up some supplies and tell the family.

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Now, fans of the show watching on have been reacting to the "heartbreaking" storyline.

@Surfingspaniel simply said: "That’s heartbreaking". @Dbella91 added: "Heartbreaking for Billy and Dawn".

Another fan, @Emmerdale2dae wrote: "Heart is breaking for Dawn and Billy".

Others praised the plotline and how it was being handled. @TwellyWatcher said: "It's nice to see the humour with Moira and Ruby to sort of add a bit of lightness to the dark storyline with baby Evan. #Emmerdale are good at keeping that balance."

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@runninoncaffine added: "Emmerdale time oh upsetting scenes I do feel for billy and dawn about their son it's so sad he is only a baby".

However, some others thought that the storyline was bit too depressing for the show. @BadSanta6996 said: "Yeah just what we need, another happy feel good storyline".

@Pinkladyxxxxx added: "For goodness sake. I do hope there is some light hearted story lines soon. There has been so much doom lately. I know story lines important subjects but."