Emmerdale fans praise 'gaslighting' storyline as they hit out at 'evil' Tom

Vinny, Tom and Belle on Emmerdale
Vinny, Tom and Belle on Emmerdale -Credit:ITV/Emmerdale

Emmerdale fans have hit out at Tom amid his latest plotline which has seen him manipulating Belle and becoming increasingly controlling.

In the latest episode of the show Vinny was being comforted after being assaulted previously. As a result, Belle decided to watch over him to make sure he was ok, and it wasn't long before Tom showed up too.

First, he seemed eager to get Vinny to bed so he would be out of his way, before turning to Belle and kissing her. She quickly became annoyed as things progressed, before telling him to stop, he quickly jumped up and appeared offended.

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Then, Tom made out that Belle had upset him by making him feel like his father. Their conversation moved on to Vinny's previous relationships, with Belle revealing he was a virgin, making Tom promise not to tell him.

However, when Vinny returned, Tom instantly made it clear he and Belle had had sex in the living room, before revealing that he knew Vinny was a virgin. Fans of the show were left angry and frustrated with Tom.

@TwellyWatcher said: "Tom is such a control freak it's disgusting". @a___w89 added: "I can’t stand that creep Tom".

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Meanwhile, @Poley34, wrote: "This gaslighting.. and storyline is done so well." @SARamsay1 said: "Tom is such a creep! Belle, just tell him to go. Isn't he needed at the vets?"

@MattZeeMiller said: "How awkward is this , belle feeling she has to force herself to be affectionate to tetchy tom , then out the blue random conversation on Vinny starts... Awkward watching".

Then, @aaron_dingles added: "So much cringe, good god can Tom hurry up and die".

@craggsy82 wrote: "Discussing Vinnys personal life and mocking it is a new low for Tom. It will be perfectly acceptable for someone to kill him. Slowly."