Emmerdale fans predict comeuppance for soap legend with 'ultimate revenge' planned

Emmerdale viewers expect a show legend to get comeuppance with ‘ultimate revenge’ planned.

As Emmerdale fans know, the pensioner recently conned Kerry out of thousands of pounds. This came after she approached him for a valuation on a necklace she had stolen from a cruise ship.

Eric had told her it wasn't worth much, meaning she was unable to pay for daughter Amy's wedding to Matty. She had to confess all to her daughter on the big day, before Eric stepped in and paid for it at the last minute, becoming the ‘hero’.

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During Thursday evening’s hour-long episode of Emmerdale, viewers saw Kerry discover Eric’s evil deed. Many viewers took to X to predict she’ll take revenge against the village stalwart.

We saw @lalavie444 post: “No fan of Kerry but good she's unmasked hideous rat Eric. Really hope she gets her own back.” While @1stLadyHooligan wrote: “Eric is so busted. No way Kerry is going to let this go now that she's seen that the necklace sold for nearly £20,000 #Emmerdale.”

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Another viewer @ShakyWoon added: “Kerry finally realises that Eric has shafted her #Emmerdale.” We saw @emmerdale72sh comment: “I bet Kerry takes the ultimate revenge against Pollard #emmerdale.”

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