Emmerdale fans want 'Cain and Charity team-up' as 'disturbing' scenes turn stomachs

Tom and Belle on Emmerdale
Tom and Belle on Emmerdale -Credit:ITV

Emmerdale fans have called for the writers to 'kill off' a major character after a disturbing scene with Tom and Belle.

Tom King and Belle Dingle were hosting a dinner party in tonight's explosive episode of the ITV soap opera. Throughout the episode, viewers were forced to watch how Tom continued to coercively control and gaslight Belle, even calling her a 'lying b****' at one point.

Tensions stretched to breaking point while Belle was washing up the dishes. Tom confronted her about the contraceptive pills she'd hidden away, even though they had been trying for a baby.

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Tom then grabbed her hand and held it under a stream of hot water, bringing Belle to tears as she screamed in pain and anguish. Angry fans have now been calling for Tom to be killed off by the writers on X.

Michelle Jones, @MeeshyJay, said: "Can the writers kill Tom please?" @sexy_branning added: "Poor Belle please someone help her. Tom is evil. Hopefully Cain and Charity teams up and kill Tom very soon."

@vickster51 said: "Okay, someone needs to kill Tom. What a piece of s***. He’s giving Eastenders’ Trevor a run for his money.

@its_kirstyxoxo said: "This man boils my blood every time I see him." @MeeshyJay said: "So hard to watch Tom on the screen. It makes me blood boil and turns my stomach."

Aidan, @a___w89, said: "These scenes with Tom are so uncomfortable to watch, he’s vile." @kylieskaty said: Awaiting Tom being arrested. It’s what he deserves."

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