Emmerdale hints at Amit Sharma's motive for murder in cliffhanger scene

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has hinted at Amit Sharma's motive for potentially murdering brother Rishi in a shocking cliffhanger scene.

Viewers learned last year that Amit was present at the time of Rishi's death, though he claimed he fled from the house out of panic after his brother's tragic accident.

Since doctors had determined Rishi accidentally fell down the stairs, Amit's son Suni has had no reason to suspect foul play – though Jai suspected wrongdoing once he learned Amit was at the scene.

In Tuesday's (February 20) episode, Jai was refusing to come to Suni's birthday party unless his half-brother could guarantee Amit wouldn't be in attendance.

Suni told a white lie in order to get Jai to attend, only for Jai to be outraged when Amit turned up at the party anyway.

This led to an uncomfortable conversation among the Sharmas, with Amit offering to leave so it wouldn't ruin his son's birthday party. Suni stopped his father from leaving, insisting he wanted to be with both Amit and Jai for his special day.

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"Dad didn't kill anyone, why can't you get that through your head?" Suni declared.

Still, Amit thought it was best to leave, but not before handing Suni a letter that he suggested should be opened with Jai.

Jai and Suni were floored to see that Amit had given them a copy of his will, where he agreed to leave them both an equal share in the HOP upon his death.

Laurel intervened to try to convince Jai that Amit had done a kind thing by trying to shore up his sons' future.

Jai arrived at the Woolpack just as Amit met with his solicitor, though Amit offered to step away to talk things through with his son.

"The will was my way of showing you that I care, that you and Sunil mean the world to me and I'm so sorry about everything I put you through," Amit insisted.

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Jai offered to "make a fresh start" with Amit, so long as his father promised he wasn't holding anything else back. With his solicitor giving him the side-eye, Amit swore to Jai that he knew "everything there is to know about what happened to Rishi".

Amit was delighted as Jai agreed to come back to work, but later let his mask slip as he revealed to his solicitor in private that his plan with the will "worked a treat" to win back Jai.

The solicitor pointed out that Amit financed this gambit with an inheritance from his late uncle Ravi.

"Luckily, I didn't have to share my inheritance with Rishi," Amit revealed.

The solicitor pointed out that Rishi's death was "massively convenient", and without flinching, Amit admitted that his brother's death had got him "out of a bind".

"Every cloud [has a silver lining]," he added with a slight smile.

Did Amit murder his own brother?

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