Emmerdale legend set to quit village after 26 years in sinister Tom King twist

Emmerdale legend set to quit village after 26 years in sinister Tom King twist

Emmerdale's Tom King is planning to relocate to Wales with his vulnerable wife Belle Dingle in a chilling new twist.

The vile bet has been tormenting Belle for months and making her life miserable, as regular viewers of the ITV soap will know.

He has also been creating a rift between Belle and her family and friends, while displaying violent tendencies.

Charity Dingle is the only one who suspects Tom's appalling behaviour and attempted an intervention on Monday (July 1). She recruited Chas, Lydia and Mandy Dingle to help whisk Belle away to the Woolpack for a girls' gathering.

Anticipating that Belle, who was born in the village back in 1998, would insist on staying home to look after her recently electrocuted husband, Charity arranged for Paddy Kirk and Jimmy King to keep him company.

Tom King Emmerdale
Tom King lied his way through a job interview -Credit:ITV

Charity tried to encourage Belle to talk about her marriage, but it backfired when Belle defended Tom, and their meeting ended on a sour note, reports the Express.

Realising that Charity was getting closer to uncovering the truth, Tom made a phone call expressing interest in a new job in Wales.

On Wednesday's visit to the village (July 3), Tom set his new plan in motion, intending to isolate Belle by moving her away from her friends and family.

Dressed in a smart suit and sporting a smug expression, Tom spoke to his potential new employer from his laptop, who expressed concern about the couple's desire to move to a very remote part of Wales.

The interviewer explained: "This isn't so much of a question but something we're emphasising to all of our applicants. I know that you're currently working in a rural precinct, but it's important that your give serious thought to where this job is located."

Belle Emmerdale
Tom encouraged Belle Dingle to go for a walk so he could line up a new job -Credit:ITV

Tom was pleased with this and responded: "Well I have friends in Wales". The interviewer then warned: "It's extremely isolated. A part from a handful of farmers there's really no-one, how does your wife feel about the move?".

Tom then told another fib: "To be honest, she's actually keen. She's always loved the quiet life, something like this - it's perfect for her."

Before his meeting, Tom suggested Belle take their dog Piper for a walk as he didn't want her "burning bridges with family", in another attempt to appear innocent.

"I mean I wish she wasn't getting it so wrong, but I'm actually glad she cares enough to stick her neck out", he said, encouraging Belle to leave the house so he could have the interview.

Will Tom's new plan to leave the village and head to a secluded part of Wales work?

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