Emmerdale previews first look at Mackenzie's Christmas kidnap story

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Mackenzie Boyd is kidnapped later this month as his storyline takes an unexpected new twist.

Mack is left at someone's mercy at an abandoned factory, marking the beginning of a big storyline that will air over Christmas.

The plot begins when Mack clashes with Charity Dingle just weeks after their recent romantic reunion.

Charity is annoyed when Mack childishly storms out following their argument. He insists that he won't be back anytime soon.

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This all takes place as Mack remains stressed over the recent drama between him and his ex-fiancée Chloe Harris, who fled with their baby son Reuben last month.

Shortly after Mack's row with Charity, he sits bound to a chair in an abandoned factory — but who has taken him? Plus, after Mack's previous threat to stay away, could this mean nobody is left suspicious of his disappearing act?

Lawrence Robb, who plays Mack, previously teased danger for his character over the Christmas period.

He said this week: "The teaser for this Christmas will be cold, hard, sore, dangerous, dynamic and critical."

mack boyd, emmerdale
mack boyd, emmerdale

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Meanwhile, Emmerdale's producer Laura Shaw had earlier teased: "The Charity/Mackenzie/Chloe love triangle has been bubbling away for 18 months or so now. At Christmas, we'll see that reach a bit more of a crescendo, where Mackenzie pushes Chloe to her absolute limit.

"What we'll see is Chloe reach out to her father for help. Obviously, we know from previous stories that Chloe's dad is not someone to be messed about with — he's quite a dark character.

"We know that he was quite controlling with Chloe and that people are afraid of him. So obviously, when she reaches out to him, what we will see is him helping Chloe in his own unique way."

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