Emmerdale reveals Marcus's exit storyline as he cheats on Ethan

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has revealed Marcus Dean's exit storyline after he cheated on Ethan Anderson.

Their relationship has been on the rocks in recent times, with tensions coming to a head after Marcus accused Ethan of cheating.

He explained that he had simply met up with an estate agent to look for a property for the couple, but the accusations led to trust issues between the pair.

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In tonight’s episode (February 20), Marcus attempted to make amends with Ethan by apologising, admitting that he overreacted and wants to start afresh.

Ethan agreed to the idea, but later admitted to Victoria that he was confused by Marcus’ actions and attitude. Some words of wisdom from Victoria convinced Ethan that he is “all-in” for the relationship, and he stated his intentions to propose to Marcus.

Unbeknown to him, Marcus is wracked with guilt about his affair with Joe, who is seeking more in their relationship. Evidently conflicted, Marcus didn’t know whether to kiss Joe or stay away from him.

After informing his family of his plans, Ethan began to follow through on his grand gesture, declaring his love for Marcus. Just as he asked Marcus to marry him, Joe walked downstairs, driving a wedge between the couple.

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As Joe explained the situation while being kicked out, Marcus and Ethan got into a huge argument, with the former saying he felt inadequate in his presence.

Ethan didn’t want to hear a word of it, however, refusing to accept Marcus’ poor attempt at an apology. With the moment reaching a crescendo, Ethan told Marcus to leave, proclaiming that the relationship was “finished”...

It was announced last week that Darcy Grey would be departing from the soap as Marcus, with producer Jane Hudson revealing that they would go through an emotional journey.

“We are going to see Ethan go through quite a journey with Marcus on screen, which will result in Ethan being young, free and single – and where will that lead us to?,” she teased. “There is a lot in store for the Andersons this year.”

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