Emmerdale revisits Moira Dingle's killer past in latest episode

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has revisited Moira Dingle's killer past in the latest episode.

Earlier this week, Moira found herself in the unusual position of trying to comfort Charity Dingle as her long-time nemesis struggled with the trauma of shooting gangster Harry.

Moira has been able to empathise with Charity, since she pushed villainous Emma Barton to her death in a memorable 2017 storyline.

Friday's (January 19) episode saw Charity trying to push Moira away as she further spiraled, but Moira refused to leave Charity alone.

charity and moira dingle in emmerdale

Charity finally explained to Moira that she was constantly haunted by the sound of a gunshot and a vision of Harry dying in front of her.

"I'm not coping, Moira, I'm not coping at all, and I can't speak to Mack about it because I saved his life, and yet I kinda wish I hadn't because that would be straight," she explained.

"That would be straightforward grief, wouldn't it? But this, this is torture."

Moira reminded Charity that it's true she had taken a life, but only to save another one.

"You did what you had to do," Moira assured her.

charity dingle in emmerdale

She also revealed to Charity that she knows exactly what she's going through as she too had taken someone's life in the past.

"If you didn't do it in anger, you're not a killer… I did do it in anger," she declared. "I am a killer."

Moira then opened up to Charity about how she'd killed Emma Barton, revealing that Cain subsequently saved her life by stopping her from taking an overdose of pills.

"I told [Cain] and Adam took the blame," Moira explained. "I killed Emma Barton, and I meant it."

As Moira broke down, she recalled how she'd "just snapped" as Emma taunted her with vile comments about her parenting.

natalie j robb as moira dingle in emmerdale

"When she was falling, she smiled," Moira remembered. "She actually smiled at me because she knew I was going to suffer. So, if anything, she had the power."

Moira urged Charity to confide in Mack, telling her: "He loves you and he'll want to take care of you. And it will be okay, it will be!"

Later, after Mack and Charity spoke about their trauma for the first time, Mack assured her he wasn't afraid of her actions since they'd saved his life.

"I'm here because of you," Mack told her.

However, as Charity drifted off to sleep, she was once again haunted by visions of the now-dead Harry…

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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