Emmerdale shares first look at Rhona and Marlon's Christmas shock

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has unveiled a first look at Rhona and Marlon's Christmas shock as they're forced into an unexpected change in circumstances.

Viewers will know that Rhona's ex Gus secretly used her frozen embryos to aid his wife Lucy in conceiving. However, Lucy sadly passed away while giving birth to their daughter Ivy.

Rhona has since been struggling with her maternal feelings towards Ivy, though mother Mary has warned her not to get involved, instead offering to check in with Gus and Ivy herself to relieve Rhona's worries.

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In new scenes set to air on the week starting December 18, Mary continues to help grief-ridden Gus with his newborn, though her fears grow when a call from funeral directors reveals just how much Gus is struggling.

Eager for news, Rhona sees Mary leaving to see Gus and Ivy, and Mary downplays Gus's struggles to her. Yet while at his house, Mary is concerned that Gus is reaching a breaking point.

Rhona and Marlon are shocked later on to see Mary arrive home with Gus and Ivy, as they learn that the two will be staying for a few days in the build-up to Christmas.

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The following morning, everyone is irate at breakfast after a lack of sleep due to Ivy's cries. While Rhona tries to keep things civil, it becomes clear that Marlon has little time for the new house guests.

Will this cause a rift between the couple?

rhona goskirk, mary goskirk, gus, marlon dingle, emmerdale

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Show producer Laura Shaw previously said that Gus and Ivy will "hugely impact" Rhona and Marlon's Christmas, before teasing what's to come.

"In the new year, we'll see Rhona pushed to breaking point – she's forced to make a risky decision that threatens to affect her whole family and possibly change the dynamics of their family," she added to Digital Spy and other media.

"As she's pushed to the extreme can she be talked round, or is she going to lose everything in the quest to help baby Ivy?”

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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