Emmerdale star Amy Walsh cried over Tracy and Nate's split story

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale star Amy Walsh has revealed that she cried after finding out that Tracy and Nate Robinson would split.

The pair only got married last year, but have found themselves torn apart after Tracy secretly began an affair with Caleb Milligan behind husband Nate's back.

Despite her fling with Caleb ending, Tracy has realised that she has completely fallen out of love with Nate, with next week's scenes seeing the couple agree to split up for good.

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In an interview with WhatToWatch, Walsh reflected on the split between her character and Nate, revealing that she cried as she read the scripts for the first time.

"Tracy would rather be a single mum than be with someone who isn't making her fully happy," said Walsh. "It eventually comes out in Tug Ghyll, their home, and it's a really brutal, raw conversation.

"Those scenes were amazingly written. I read them and cried. I was like, 'This is heartbreaking.'

"It's the cruellest thing to have to say to somebody that you don't love them any more. I think she got to a point with Nate where she discovered that he wasn't really the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, and Caleb was the catalyst for that.

"Nate's blindsided. They've only just got married and he was doing all he could do to provide for his family."

nate robinson, tracy robinson, emmerdale

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After the couple agree to split, Nate spends the night sleeping on Caleb's sofa, but moves back into his family home after explaining that he's done nothing wrong, with the pair eventually compromising as they both live together in the short term.

"There's the financial thing, childcare practicalities, all of that. It makes sense for him to be back in the house, and it also disrupts Frankie a little bit less," explained Walsh.

"It's really tough. Those scenes really got me, emotionally. My parents split up when I was two, so I can connect with it a little bit. It's not easy for anyone."

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