Emmerdale star Eric Pollard's downfall 'sealed' as viewers spot clue in Kerry twist

Eric was diagnosed with Parkinson's
Emmerdale Eric Pollard's downfall 'sealed' as fans spot clue after Kerry twist -Credit:ITV/Emmerdale

Emmerdale viewers think Eric Pollard’s illness is starting to take over as he managed to con Kerry Wyatt.

During recent episodes Eric, who is a former antiques dealer, told Kerry that the necklace she got from her fiancé was worthless and claimed that she could only get £100 for it. As expected Kerry was heartbroken as she was relying on the money to pay for daughter Amy Wyatt's wedding to Matty Barton.

During tonight's episode of the ITV hit soap, bride-to-be Amy was devastated when she found out that Kerry couldn’t afford the wedding just hours before her big day. However things appeared to look up as Layla received a mystery call from someone who offered to pay for the wedding and of course Matt and Amy were pleased.

Eric ended up walking Amy down the aisle after she banished her mother from the ceremony. Things got worse for Kerry as Amy told Kerry to leave the village for good. As she was about to leave, Kerry went to see Eric and thanked him for being "such a good friend".

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Later on Eric was seen in a car with a mystery man who handed him an envelope full of cash. The unknown character said: "If you have any more jewellery which needs shifting, well, you know where I am."

Eric was then seen counting the money he'd made from selling Kerry's necklace. Viewers were left gobsmacked at the unexpected twist as some claim Eric’s illness is starting to affect him. Eric was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease back in December last year and he has since opened up about it as he struggles with the condition.

@maryhillmagyars Tweeted: “Thought last night when Eric asked Kerry if the rich guy would turn up something was fishy. Sadly a sign of his illness taking over ?? #emmerdale.” @roscoeleebarnes wrote: “Eric pulling a fast one on Kerry. Didn't expect that #Emmerdale.” @Felstedboy said: “#emmerdale A leopard never changes his spots. Does he Eric.”

@Emmerdale2dae commented: “ERIC POLLARD WHATTTT #Emmerdale.” @TonyCoffey15 said: “Eric will be caught out, I knew he was robbing Kerryman. #Emmerdale.” While @TwellyWatcher added: “Ohhhhh the ring WAS worth something after all did not expect this from Eric especially after all that Amit drama!! #Emmerdale great twist I have to say @emmerdale.”

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