Emmerdale star Lawrence Robb shares Mackenzie axe fears amid stabbing plot

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale star Lawrence Robb has spoken about Mackenzie Boyd's stabbing storyline for the first time – admitting that he initially feared it was all over for his time on the show.

Mackenzie fought for his life in hospital this week after his wife Charity Dingle violently lashed out at him while experiencing a night terror.

Next week's scenes see Charity try to push Mackenzie away as she's determined to be punished for her mistake, but she's in for a pleasant surprise as Mack won't let her go so easily.

Here, Lawrence speaks to Digital Spy about the dramatic storyline.

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How did you react when you found out that Charity would stab Mack?

"We were both told about it in the producer's office – I think it was Kate [Brooks] that told us. Producers love to do this – they pitch it as though you're going to leave the show.

"They were like: 'So basically, Charity stabs Mackenzie'. I was like: 'Oh, I need to start looking for another job then!' But I think my exact reaction was: 'What?! After everything, she stabs me?'

"But, no, it was great. I was excited about having that storyline. Needless to say, the novelty of lying in a hospital bed wore off pretty quickly – but I've never actually had the chance to do that in the show before.

"They pitched it as Mackenzie was going to flatline at the end of one episode and everyone would be left with: 'Oh my God! Is Mackenzie going to die?' I thought that was quite exciting."

Now that we know Mack has survived, how does he deal with the aftermath of the stabbing? We know that Charity tries to push him away…

"I don't know whether anyone's ever been in this situation, but when you're in a relationship and you feel like it's coming to an end, you feel that person is being more and more distant from you. You automatically try and latch on and overcompensate for their lack of effort.

"Not that we can call this situation one where Charity is giving a lack of effort, but she's closing herself off. Mack then wants to overcompensate.

"He's also got his own demons that I don't think he's quite over, with everything that happened at Christmas. I think he's got that to deal with, even after fighting for his life.

"But then, when he comes through it, I think he's overcompensating with Charity a lot of the time – at least for a little bit."

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Have the consequences of Christmas Day changed Mack and Charity's relationship forever?

"Oh, that's a hard one. The honest answer is: I hope not. It's Emmerdale and drama happens, but I would say I hope not because working with Emma [Atkins, who plays Charity] and the Dingles is great.

"I think what's happened is a stepping stone and it might build and cement their relationship further. That's what I hope will happen. I think more stuff will come to fruition, but time will tell."

Is the stabbing aftermath the toughest challenge that they've faced as a couple?

"Oh yeah – although the last year for Charity and Mackenzie has been relentless! I think it's the toughest because it nearly breaks them up.

"But I think all the challenges coming to this point have helped them come to this epiphany – they love each other too much to allow life to get in the way, even though life in Emmerdale is hard.

"They've had the worst luck. I don't know how they're still standing! Car crashes, kidnappings, a stabbing – and that's only the last six months."

After so much drama and Mackenzie's past betrayals, does part of you think he and Charity should call it a day?

"Well, we have such a laugh working together and getting to take part in these ridiculous stories, so it's been great fun. Everything that's happened stems from that break-up they had, so when you think about it objectively, it's complicated. If they haven't had their problems then none of this would have happened.

"It'd be good to see Charity and Mackenzie now go back to getting up to no good together."

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Does Mack feel guilty about Charity's trauma? Does he feel partly to blame?

"I think he definitely does. There's a scene where he's being interviewed by the police about what happened and he's in bed. There are so many drugs in his system and he gets very emotional about it. He's worried for Charity's welfare.

"He feels a huge amount of responsibility for what Charity is having to go through. A lot of it is his fault."

Is there more to come for Mack and Aaron?

"I do love working with Danny [Miller], he's a good laugh. We have a great time. Hopefully Mack will rely on Aaron in the future and that might make for some interesting action. I think it will turn into a more genuine friendship."

What would be your dream storyline?

"Emma and I have had a great couple of years doing all this. Maybe a little reset and getting back to what Charity and Mackenzie do best would be a bit of fun."

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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