Emmerdale star Lawrence Robb teases "dangerous" Christmas for Mack

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale star Lawrence Robb has teased that Mackenzie Boyd will face a "dangerous" Christmas period.

Mack has been at loggerheads with ex-fiancée Chloe Harris in recent months, with the pair quarrelling over what's best for baby Reuben.

Things get more complicated when Chloe reaches out to her father, with the arrival of the new character spelling worrying times for Mack.


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"The teaser for this Christmas will be cold, hard, sore, dangerous, dynamic and critical," Robb said when asked what was in store for his character over the festive season.

"[I have] absolutely no sympathy [for Mack] whatsoever. He makes such terrible choices. Very often none of them have any redemption whatsoever. He's fantastic fun to play. But do I agree with 99% of what he does? No."

Robb, who debuted as Mack in 2020, also spoke about the earlier developments, which will see the character faced with the prospect of never seeing his son again.

"I don't think he wants to think about it [not seeing Reuben]. But there is a scene where he thinks he has and he's just very deflated and is acting out to Charity like a little petulant child... he's a pain in the neck sometimes," the actor explained.

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"And that's when Charity's like, 'No, we're going to lawyer up and we're going to take her to court'. It doesn't bear thinking about for Mack at this stage now."

Praising the soap's production team, Robb continued: "I've said before that Jessie [Elland], Emma [Atkins] and myself have been blessed with such a dynamic storyline over the last year

"We've really enjoyed getting to grips and coming to terms with how that's all played out – we've been very lucky to have got to do that."

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