Emmerdale star Lewis Cope teases Nicky's secret

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale star Lewis Cope has spoken about the ongoing fan speculation surrounding his character Nicky.

Nicky arrived at Home Farm in December last year and was hired as a new nanny after impressing Gabby Thomas, Dawn Fletcher and Kim Tate.

Recent episodes have seen Nicky start a secret relationship with Gabby, but although it seems to be going well, many viewers are convinced that he isn't all he seems.

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Speaking about the mystery, Lewis commented: "Nicky seems to have a huge interest in Gabby. He's got his reasons for why he wants to be with her, which will all come out eventually.

"I think Nicky has got a lot going on. With it being a soap, maybe there is more to it.

"The fan theories have been great. It's been nice to see how other people view the situation and the character – and just the madness of what people come up with! It's been fun."

Next week's episodes see Nicky and Gabby decide to come clean about their relationship, much to the shock of Kim.

nicky and gabby thomas, emmerdale

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When Kim inevitably disapproves of the romantic match, Nicky decides to prove his love to Gabby by spontaneously proposing.

Lewis continued: "Gabby and Nicky have been spending a lot of time together and they're super close. They're sick of hiding it, so they come to the decision that they're adults, they're mature and they can have a relationship. They think Kim shouldn't be able to tell them that they can't.

"Kim takes it super badly. She then sacks Nicky – obviously understandably because it's all too close to home. She just wants Nicky to be staff, rather than involved with the family.

"Nicky enjoys his job and looking after the kids, as well as being around Gabby. He's gutted that he can no longer be there.

"But on the day that Nicky gets sacked, he has his mam's ring with him. He decides at that point to propose, just as a way of showing that he cares.

"I think Nicky acts on his instincts and he doesn't always think things through – whatever he feels in the moment, he goes with it."

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