Emmerdale star talks future of Gabby and Vinny romance plot

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale star Rosie Bentham has revealed the future for Gabby Thomas and Vinny Dingle ahead of their romance plot.

Upcoming scenes will see the pair share a kiss as their friendship intensifies, and Bentham spoke with Inside Soap about what the future holds for the pair.

"It's a bit of a chalk and cheese situation, isn't it?" she remarked. "When the story got pitched to me, I was like: 'Oh, how is that going to happen?' But as the story goes on, the writing has been quite funny and light-hearted.

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"I actually thought after being dumped at the altar [by Nicky Miligan], Gabby was in her 'I hate men' phase - but that's always when they come along, isn't it?"

She added that, following a talk with Laurel Thomas, Gabby "walked away a little bit more open-minded about men - which she needs to be as she's made horrible choices in the past!"

The actor continued: "She's at an age now where she's focused on business ... now all she needs is a good guy who will come in, help her and Thomas, and maybe bring her back down to some of her nicer roots."

Bentham, who debuted as Gabby in 2016, also spoke about how the pair will navigate their feelings, something which is complicated by Vinny's nerves over losing his virginity, after Gabby suggests that they sleep with each other.

vinny dingle, gabby thomas, emmerdale

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"Vinny comes to Home Farm, but makes an excuse about having a headache and needing to get back to work," shares Bentham. "Gabby tells him that she knows it's his first time and it's going to be fine as they trust each other.

"But Vinny turns around and says they'd be better off as friends. Gabby feels a bit mugged off, embarrassed and let down. She's hurt as it's her first time trying with anyone since being dumped by Nicky."

The star added that she would like to see Gabby and Vinny ultimately work things out "because I think Gabby needs Vinny even just as a mate".

"Vinny would be good for Gabby, but it'd come down to whether she's willing to change herself," she said. "She's probably a bit too feisty for Vinny at the minute. She'd need to chill out for that."

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