Emmerdale stars tease Amy's fury in wedding storyline

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale stars Natalie Ann Jamieson and Ash Palmisciano have teased Amy Wyatt's fury during her and Matty Barton's wedding next week.

The couple will face a close call next week as Amy's mum Kerry is unable to get the money needed to pay for the wedding, meaning that the event is called off.

Both Amy and Matty are devastated, though at the last minute the wedding is suddenly back on after a mysterious individual appears to have secured their big day.

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Speaking to Digital Spy and other media, Natalie admitted that Amy is "absolutely livid" over her mother's actions as she spoke about how it will affect things going forward.

"Her and Kerry have had this thing for time, Amy grew up in care and Kerry wasn't there for her," she said. "There’s been times where Kerry’s really proved herself and then all of a sudden she just drops the ball which is a very Kerry pattern. It’s a big ball to drop.

"I think as far as Amy’s concerned, she just gets round to putting her trust into her after she’s been gone for all this time, and like that it happens again. I think Amy’s quite upset."

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Ash added: "It’s a last chance situation. There’ll be some sort of drama. Nobody wants their wedding to go wrong, and Laura [Norton, who plays Kerry] played it amazingly.

"You sort of feel for her – she wants to help but she just messes it completely up which has a huge impact on these two. A whole rollercoaster of emotions on that day filming."

Speaking about where they see the couple moving forward from the wedding, Ash admitted: "It’s been a long time coming, they’ve been friends in the past and they’ve come together and then life got in the way.

"It’s been so lovely for these two characters to have that moment and you’ll see what it actually means, particularly in Matty’s vows, what it means for them to be together and opens up an exciting future together.

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"Like all soaps, it's not all plain sailing so we’ll see what’s round the corner!" he added, noting that he and Natalie have worked together "for a long time now".

"So it was lovely to do something that was a focus on them, we had such a good day. It was a long day but obviously all the cast were there, and for me and Nat to perform together in front of everyone was really great. It was lovely.

"For me it was the most I’ve ever said in an Emmerdale scene, like in one section, so I made sure I knew my lines inside and out and it was just beautiful. I really enjoyed it and felt it, it was great."

Natalie added: "It was really, really good. We’ve had a kind of, what is not considered normal in soap style, relationship. We’ve been engaged for so long which is normal in real life but in soap it’s usually about six weeks."

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