Emmerdale updates fans on Angelica King after temporary exit

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has updated fans on Angelica King following her temporary exit.

The teen was recently remanded to a Secure Children's Home after being sentenced to eight months in custody for death by dangerous driving.

Angelica had earlier confessed that she'd been behind the wheel in the car accident that killed her friend Heath Hope at New Year.

Viewers got a distressing update on Angel's condition when her father Jimmy King was visiting with Belle King in Wednesday's (April 3) episode.

The Kings were supposed to be having lunch with Belle and husband Tom, but Tom was running late after chatting to Paddy and Vanessa in the Woolpack.

angelica king in emmerdale

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Jimmy and Belle were forced to make awkward small talk when it was explained that Nicola was also running late because she was on the phone with the Secure Home.

"Angelica's been playing up again," Jimmy revealed. "It's her attitude that's driving them up the wall."

Jimmy went on: "Imagine, a place like that that's full of all sorts, but it's our Angel who's pushing them to the limit?"

The topic was particularly sensitive for Belle since she'd been sentenced to three years of imprisonment for Gemma Andrews's death years earlier — though her sentence was ultimately reduced.

"I know you hate talking about that place, but if I could ask a few questions, I'd really appreciate it," Jimmy confided in Belle.

jimmy in emmerdale

The soap cut away before Belle could answer Jimmy's questions on-screen, but she later shared with Tom how uncomfortable she was talking about the Secure Home.

Tom wasn't particularly sympathetic, leading to a row between the newlyweds over why Tom hadn't bothered to show up for lunch with his own family.

Will Belle's advice help the Kings?

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