Emmerdale viewers ‘work out’ evil Gus Malcolms plan in shock baby twist

Emmerdale viewers ‘work out’ Gus Malcolms’  evil plan in shock baby twist
Gus Malcolm, who found Mary unconscious -Credit:ITV

Emmerdale's viewers are convinced that they have figured out Gus Malcolms evil plan that will leave Rhona devastated.

During recent episodes viewers saw Gus last out at Rhona in court as they continue to battle for custody of baby daughter Ivy. As viewers know Gus is yet to find out his fate after he was charged for fraud after stealing Rhona's frozen embryos and his late wife Lucy used them without Rhona's permission.

Lucy sadly died during Ivy's birth and since then Rhona has been keen to raise her biological daughter. But it hasn’t been a smooth journey as Gus previously tried to flee to the village with Ivy which resulted in Rhona taking her.

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Marlon was outraged as Rhona explained Gus' offer in tonight's episode of Emmerdale
Rhona doesn't trust Gus -Credit:ITV

It was recently confirmed that Rhona will not face prison but Gus may face years behind bars. During tonight’s episode of the ITV hit soap, Gus seemed to have a change of heart and decided to stop fighting with Rhona as he suddenly claimed that he was putting Ivy first.

He went on to reveal that he wanted Rhona and her partner Marlon Dingle's to work with them on creating the best home life for Ivy. Worried about his upcoming court date, Gus went on to ask the couple to be a part of the baby's life regardless of what happens.

He went on to claim that he would not stand in the way of Rhona bonding with her daughter and if he did get sent to prison he was happy for them to have a say in Ivy's future. Rhona wasn’t sure if she could trust Gus as she asked Marlon for this opinion, with Marlon insisting that everything was going to be fine.

Viewers watching at home are not convinced that Gus is being genuine and they predict that he might be planning to run away with Ivy just days before his hearing.

@MeeshyJay Tweeted: “I wouldn’t trust Gus further than i could throw him #Emmerdale.” @TanyaAn35180018 asked: “Is Gus doing a runner? #emmerdale.”

@Sarah2022x said: “I really really don't trust Gus, he's gonna take ivy and run... I just know it #Emmerdale.”

@FitzgeraldLeona wrote: “#Emmerdale so obviously Gus is going to get off and then run off with the kid.”

@Samanth22356123 commented: “Still don’t trust Gus!!!! #Emmerdale.” While @DonnaCarroll49 added: “#emmerdale I don't trust Gus and Rhona is going to regret giving him a glowing reference. He'll probably take off to France with ivy.”

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