Emmerdale viewers spot blunder as Ethan’s tragic fate 'sealed' and attacker exposed in 10,000th episode

Emmerdale viewers were quick to question why no one rang the police as Ethan’s tragic fate was confirmed and his attacker had been exposed.

The ITV hit soap was full of twists and turns tonight as the show marked its 10,000th episode after beginning 53 years ago.

Since then there have been 118 weddings, 49 births and 163 deaths and Ethan could be the next villager to meet his tragic end.

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As viewers know Ethan left Ruby and Caleb’s son Nicky for dead when he crashed his car after driving over the limit. At the time he was arrested but this wasn't enough Nicky's family as Nicky is still in a coma. During tonight’s episode Ethan was involved in a hit and run.

He was seen lying in the middle of the road bloodied and bruised after being struck by a car. Despite the brutal attack, Ethan managed to make his way back to the village covered in blood but once he got there he collapsed on the floor.

Charles and Manpreet rushed to help him as he passed out but soon regained consciousness. Once they got home, dad Charles insisted on him getting checked by professionals in the hospital but Ethan refused.

Ethan also remained tight-lipped on who ran him over and also wasn’t keen on speaking to the police, which meant the driver had got away with the crime.

Later on Nicky's mum Ruby paid Ethan and in a shock twist he revealed that she was the one who attacked him. Ruby then issued a threat as she warned him that if Nicky didn't regain consciousness she would be back to finish the job.

Viewers watching at home rushed to social media to share their reaction as they questioned why no one rang the police.

@Chris1968E Tweeted: “#Emmerdale of course Ethan isn't going to report Ruby run down. @CaptMagenta asked: “Why doesn't Ethan tell the police? How did Ruby know he wouldn't report her?”

@CaroleAnn1982 commented: “No-one calling the police? #emmerdale.” @ASuperGav wrote: “Yeah, watch out Ethan. She’ll go back and forth over you to finish the job next time #Emmerdale.”

While @The4thSong added: “Sod her Ethan I get why you didn't go to the cops but the fact she is stood waiting in your house making more threats get that phoned picked up she has already run you over with her car, what you waiting for she is a deranged psycho #emmerdale.”

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