Emmerdale viewers spot problem as Caleb Milligan’s fate revealed after horror collapse

Emmerdale viewers think Caleb is not who he says he is
Emmerdale viewers spot problem as Caleb's fate revealed after horror collapse -Credit:ITV

Emmerdale viewers were quick to spot a problem as Caleb Milligan collapsed. During tonight’s episode of the ITV hit soap, Caleb suffered stomach pains after a dramatic family showdown in the Woolpack.

He tried to ignore the pain but it started to get unbearable so he tried to seek advice from village doctor Manpreet but she seemed preoccupied with other things and insisted that he needed to book an appointment because she was too busy.

Later on Caleb was seen sitting on a bench in agony and in desperate need of some help. Nephew Nate walked past and he was in no rush to help his uncle after his recent affair with wife Tracy.

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Lucky for Caleb Sam Dingle passed by and offered to take him to the hospital. Sam begged Nate to help get Caleb in the car.

Emmerdale viewers think Caleb is not who he says he is
Emmerdale viewers spot problem as Caleb's fate revealed after horror collapse -Credit:ITV

At the hospital Caleb was checked over and doctors informed him that he will need to have his appendix removed as soon as possible.

Once Cain found out that his brother was in the hospital he was reluctant to go but Moira told him that he needs to go and consider building their relationship back up again.

As viewers know Cain has been struggling to forgive brother Caleb after he had an affair with Tracy. Since then Caleb has wanted nothing more than to reconnect with the Dingles and has gone out of his way to make amends.

Nate has insisted that Cain and the rest of the family shouldn’t forgive Caleb but viewers watching at home were quick to point out that Nate previously had a fling with Cain’s wife Moira.

@Tiredsince1960 Tweeted: “#emmerdale why can't scriptwriters maintain continuity Cains' son slept with Cain's wife but he's been forgiven yet when said son's wife sleeps with cains' brother the family divides. Isn't that hypocrisy.”

@CaroleAnn1982 wrote: “Hypocrisy? Nate shags his dad's wife and him and Cain "get over it". His uncle shags his wife and it's the end of the world #emmerdale.2

@pam_debeauvoir said: “Nate has a brass neck. When he entered the village he was all over Moira and couldn't give two hoots that he was sleeping with his dad's wife. All very silly."

@vlcurrie asked: “Oh hello Nate - forgotten you slept with your Dad's wife?? #emmerdale.” @Samanth22356123 commented: “Nate you hypocrite! Cain forgave you for shagging Moira so why shouldn’t he forgive his own brother!!! P**** #Emmerdale.”

While @kelly_xm_ added: “Nate is such a hypocrite, Cain forgave him for sleeping with his wife #emmerdale.”

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